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Mark Laming has written five novels that have been set in New York, Spain and the UK. Over the last thirty years he has penned over one hundred short stories of which four have been broadcast by the BBC. He was nominated for The People’s Book Prize 2019 for his novel ‘Shadow with Nowhere to Fall’.

Interests include horology and travel, particularly Brazil, where he lived as a teenager for one year.

As a young boy, he hid in the wings of the Harrogate Opera House theatre, staring in awe as the actors rehearsed a show that his father had written. Irrefutably, a tiny slice of the magic rubbed off on the budding author and became the catalyst for his storytelling.

My latest novel is set in New York
The Waitress and the Singer
First Book in the New York Series

Book cover for Waitress and the Singer
Waitress and the Singer book cover

The Waitress and the Singer

Randall Moon instigates the break-up of one of the most famous rock bands in the world. After three decades of playing with Frost Alert, he steps out of the limelight and catapults Manhattan diner waitress, Jo, into his chaotic and wealthy lifestyle only to unveil a nightmare that interrupts the magic.

Ugliest Man on the Mountain book cover

The Ugliest Man on the Mountain

Amber McCarthy is a thief and moreover, the man she falls for, wealthy business man Kane, is someone she has previously burgled.

Phoenix and the Blue Jay cover

Phoenix and the Blue Jay

Working on the sixty-ninth floor of a New York skyscraper, Phoenix feels he could have done more to prevent fellow welder and friend, Cody, slipping to his death.

His overwhelming sense of guilt spirals out of control and Suzy, his wonderful wife, supports him throughout his trauma. But, will it ever be enough for him to find redemption.

Phoenix and the Blue Jay cover

Shadow with Nowhere to Fall

Swapping the grey skies of Croydon for the Costa Brava resort of Tossa de Mar, ex-funeral director William believes he has finally escaped his ultimate nightmare. 

At long last happiness is within his grasp. His seemingly perfect new life soon disintegrates when he falls in love with best-selling author, Sarah Barney. His desperate measures to draw a line under his own difficult past prevent him from helping Sarah with her own demons. 

Leftover Hurricanes

That’s all it took, one moment of weakness for Toby’s long suffering friend Debbie to be sucked into the vortex of his sad and complicated life. Toby’s anxious voice on the phone sent shivers down her spine as he told her that he wouldn’t be around for too much longer. Once again the showman was calling the shots with her dropping everything to be with him. She was convinced by moving to New York she’d win back his love. Her strength and belief in Toby was unswerving, begging the question: how many more times could she get knocked down and keep coming back for more.

Balancing his illness with heading up an enormous advertising agency, Toby’s crazy ‘win or die’ tactics was to have far reaching consequences. The aftermath of revenge dominated the lives of Toby and Debbie as the Leftover Hurricane waited patiently to deliver its final sweep.

All of Mark Laming’s books are available in paperback and Kindle except for ‘Leftover Hurricanes’ which is only available in Kindle format.

Mark Laming at BBC Wiltshire

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