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My passion has always been writing and I am unable to imagine a day without putting the laptop through its paces. As a young boy I remember hiding in the wings of my father’s theatre in Harrogate, staring in awe at the actors rehearsing for a show that he had written. Irrefutably, a tiny slice of his magic, thankfully, rubbed off on me and became the catalyst for my storytelling.

To date, four of my novels have been published and I am in the process of writing another one. I have written over two hundred short stories of which four have been broadcast by the BBC. More recently I have become a regular contributor to a Dorset magazine group. My interests include horology and being grandfather to four colourful characters who continually test my mind and bank account!

I was nominated for The People’s Book Prize 2019 for my novel ‘Shadow with Nowhere to Fall’. The patrons are Frederick Forsyth CBE and Founding Patron: Dame Beryl Bainbridge. The last couple of years have been a busy time for me with local BBC radio interviews. I have also been featured as a guest on the American Author’s Show.

Finally, as many authors will confirm, it is a long and bumpy path getting published. If I had my time again, would I choose writing as my first love? You bet I would!

My latest novel

Ugliest Man on the Mountain Cover

Phoenix and the Blue Jay cover

Phoenix and the Blue Jay

Working on the sixty-ninth floor of a New York skyscraper, Phoenix feels he could have done more to prevent fellow welder and friend, Cody, slipping to his death.

His overwhelming sense of guilt spirals out of control and Suzy, his wonderful wife, supports him throughout his trauma. But, will it ever be enough for him to find redemption.

Phoenix and the Blue Jay cover

Shadow with Nowhere to Fall

Swapping the grey skies of Croydon for the Costa Brava resort of Tossa de Mar, ex-funeral director William believes he has finally escaped his ultimate nightmare. 

At long last happiness is within his grasp. His seemingly perfect new life soon disintegrates when he falls in love with best-selling author, Sarah Barney. His desperate measures to draw a line under his own difficult past prevent him from helping Sarah with her own demons. 

Leftover Hurricanes

That’s all it takes, one moment of weakness, for Toby’s long suffering friend Debbie from the UK, to be sucked into the vortex of his sad and complicated life. 

Set in New York, the Leftover Hurricane waits patiently to deliver its final sweep. 

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